W Type Engine

- Feb 05, 2019-

Many people think that the cylinders of the W-type engine are arranged in a V-shape like the V-shaped engine. In fact, it is only a W-shaped arrangement. At least a variant of the V-engine.

W-type engine, W-type engine is the German Volkswagen exclusive engine technology. By shifting each side of the V-type engine to a small angle, it becomes a W-type engine. Or the cylinder arrangement of the W-type engine is composed of two small V-shapes and a large V-shape. The two V-type engines share one crankshaft. Strictly speaking, the W-type engine should also be a variant of the V-type engine.

The W-type can make the engine shorter and the crankshaft can be shorter than the V-type engine, which saves space for the engine and can be lighter, but its width is larger, making the engine compartment More full.

The biggest problem with the W-type engine is that the engine is divided into two parts from one body, which inevitably causes a lot of vibration during operation. In response to this problem, Volkswagen designed two counter-rotating balance shafts on the W-type engine, so that the vibrations of the two parts cancel each other internally.