Platinum Spark Plug

- Feb 16, 2019-

There are many kinds of spark plugs. In terms of materials, there are mainly nickel alloys, platinum, etc. These materials have good electrical conductivity. The igniting plug has a cold spark plug and a hot spark plug. The electrode structure of the spark plug mainly includes a single pole, a bipolar pole, and a quadrupole. Among them, in order to improve the ignition performance of vehicles, many people will think of changing their unipolar spark plugs to multi-pole, or changing their nickel alloy spark plugs to platinum.

The spark plug is composed of an insulator and a metal shell. The metal shell is threaded and screwed on the engine cylinder. There is a center electrode in the metal shell, which is insulated from the metal shell by an insulating material, and has a top end at the center electrode. The wiring nut is connected to the high voltage line from the distributor, and the ground electrode is welded under the metal shell. There is a small gap between the center electrode and the ground electrode, and the pulse high voltage electrically breaks the air between the two electrodes. The electric spark is ignited, but the mixed gas works. Because the spark plug works in the harsh environment of high temperature and high pressure, its material and manufacturing process are very demanding. However, in most economical vehicles, nickel alloy spark plugs are often used, only medium and high-grade cars. Platinum spark plugs or platinum spark plugs will be used.