- Feb 18, 2019-

In the gasoline engine ignition system, the high-voltage current is transmitted to the components of the spark plugs of the cylinders in the order of the cylinder firing order. In the battery ignition system, the distributor and the igniter are usually mounted on the same shaft and driven by the camshaft, and it also has an ignition advance angle adjusting device and a capacitor.

The power-off arm of the igniter is closed by a spring piece, and the cam shaft drives the power-off cam to open the contact, and the opening gap is about 0.30-0.45 mm. The number of protrusions of the power-off cam is the same as the number of cylinders. When the contact is opened, the distributor arm of the distributor is just aligned with the corresponding side electrode, and the induced high voltage is transmitted from the secondary coil to the spark plug of the corresponding cylinder through the distribution arm, the side electrode and the high voltage wire.