Structure layout

- Mar 15, 2019-

The engine can be said to be the most important part of the car, and its layout has a major impact on the performance of the car. For cars, the engine layout can be easily divided into front, center and rear. Most models on the market today use front-engines, and the mid- and rear-engines are only used on a few performance sports cars.

Of course, depending on the type of engine placement, it can also be divided into horizontal and vertical engines.

Front engine

The front engine, that is, the front of the engine front axle. The advantage of the front engine is that it simplifies the structure of the car's transmission and the drive axle. Especially for the front-wheel drive models that are currently in the mainstream, the engine delivers the power directly to the front wheels, omitting the long drive shaft. The power transmission loss is reduced, and the complexity and failure rate of the power transmission mechanism are greatly reduced.

In addition, the engine is placed in front of the driver, and in the event of a frontal collision, the engine can protect the driver from impact, thereby improving the safety of the vehicle.