Engine fuel consumption is too large

- Mar 19, 2019-

Excessive engine fuel consumption means that its fuel consumption per 100 kilometers exceeds the specified standard value.

The fuel consumption is too large and the economy of the engine is poor. There are many factors that affect engine fuel consumption, including factors related to engine technology and factors related to chassis technology.

1. Fault phenomenon: The fuel consumption of the engine is too large.

2. Common causes of failure

1) The coolant temperature sensor is malfunctioning.

2) The air flow meter or the intake pressure sensor is malfunctioning.

3) The throttle position sensor is malfunctioning.

4) The fuel pressure is too high.

5) Cold start injector oil leakage or cold start control is abnormal.

6) The injector leaks oil.

7) The oxygen sensor fails.

8) The ignition system is faulty.

9) Engine mechanical component failure (cylinder pressure is too low, etc.).

10) The valve timing is incorrect.

11) The ECU and connector are faulty.