Pump Engine 4BT3.9-P105

Pump Engine 4BT3.9-P105

Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dongfeng Cummins”) is located in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, is the modern manufacture of heavy duty engine 50:50 Joint Venture shared by Dongfeng Automobile Limited and Cummins USA.
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Product Details

Cummins 4BT3.9-C105 Diesel Engine for Water Pump

Engine Model


Rated Power


Rated Speed


Engine Type

4 Cylinders, in Line




3.9 L

Compression Ratio


Peak Torque

330N.m @1500r/min

Fuel Consumption

25.9 L/hr

Aspiration Type


Cooling Method

Water Cooled

Start Type

24V, Electric Start

Fuel System

Direct Injection Pump

Governor Method

Mechanical Governor

Packing Weight




4BT Complete Engines:

Our complete engines (extended long block packages) come with most everything you need to drop into your applications. These brand new Cummins 4BT Engines are built with brand new ISO 9001 parts, to exact OEM tolerances and have less than a 1% parts failure rate. These are "fan to flywheel" complete drop-in units that have been dyno tested prior to shipment. We do not sell adapter plates, torque converters, transmissions/PTOs, axles, suspensions, differentials or motor mounts. Engines ship without starter, alternator, flywheel, flywheel housing but are available for additional purchase. Our complete engines include:

• New Block
• New Cylinder Head
• New Camshaft and Lifters
• New Crankshaft
• New Connecting Rods
• New Rocker Assemblies
• New Gaskets, Liners, Rings, Seals, Wrist Pins, Bearings
• New Bosch Injectors
• New Oil Pump and Water Pump
• New Oil Cooler
• New Oil Filters
• New Intake and Exhaust Manifolds
• New Housings (Front and Rear)
• New Brackets and Pullys
• New Fuel Injector Pump
• New Starter (Complete Engines Only)
• New Alternator (Complete Engines Only)
• New Flywheel (Complete Engines Only)
• New Flywheel Housing (SAE #2 or #3 - Complete Engines Only)
• New Turbo
• New Oil Pan


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