Cummins Marine Engine NTA855-M240

Cummins Marine Engine NTA855-M240

Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chongqing Cummins”) established in 1995, located in Chongqing City.
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The power coverage of Chongqing Cummins Engine is 200HP-1600HP, products mainly used in heavy-duty vehicles , large buses, construction machinery , mining machinery , petroleum machinery , rail , port machinery , stationary and mobile diesel generator power plants, ship propulsion power units and auxiliary power units, pumps power units and other power units .

Technical advantages

The diesel engine of Chongqing Cummins (CCEC)is based on advanced heavy-duty engine technology concept development and design, with high reliability, durability, fuel economy, small size, power, torque, high torque reserves, parts versatility advantages.The company’s product technology, manufacturing technology and application of technology to synchronize the development of Cummins, and leading-edge products based on the characteristics of the Chinese market development and manufacturing power, economy, reliability, durability, safety and environmental performance.Cummins investment in China investe more than one hundred forty million US dollars, as China’s largest foreign investors in the engine industry, Cummins has eight joint ventures and wholly-owned manufacturing enterprises, which produce Cummins B, C and L series diesel engines, Chongqing Cummins production in China M, N and K series diesel engines.Cummins Engine manufactured in China, from a joint venture in Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., is with high quality, low fuel consumption, low noise, high output power and reliable performance.

Cummins NT855-M240 Diesel Engine for Marine

Engine Model


Rated Power


Rated Speed


Engine Type

6 Cylinders, in Line




14 L

Compression Ratio


Peak Torque

852N.m @1044r/min

Fuel Consumption

47 L/hr

Aspiration Type


Cooling Method

Water Cooled

Start Type

24V, Electric Start

Fuel System

Direct Injection Pump

Governor Method

Mechanical Governor

Packing Weight




Main Differences Between Marine and Industrial Engines:

Starter – The starter on a marine application is coated in an epoxy instead of just regular paint or a bare casting used for an industrial diesel application. The epoxy coating is a rust preventative used instead of aluminum, industrial cast iron or steel material. A marine starter is also sealed at certain points to keep the water out. The casings on a marine starter are spot welded for extra strength to keep from breaking. An automotive or industrial engine, running gasoline and not diesel, can split and allow sparks into the engine bilge.

Marine AlternatorMarine Alternator

Alternator – With a marine rated alternator, near the screen there is an additional plate behind the fan. There is also an additional spark arrestor screen on the back. These plates keep a spark from entering the bilge. Engine fires at sea are no joke and every measure to prevent them must be taken.

Distributors – With gasoline powered marine engines the distributor and distributor cap are points of corrosion and fire hazard. The distributor’s job is to route secondary high voltage current to the spark plug so that it may fire in the correct order. This piece of equipment can pose a significant fire hazard and must be upgraded for marine applications. Automotive distributors have an automatic vacuum advance whereas marine distributors do not due to increased risk of a spark. A pressurized vacuum adds stress to the internal components and increases the likelihood of structural failure. Marine distributors contain different internal operating arrangements. The springs are heavier to sustain higher constant RPMs. The points also do not float in marine distributors vs. an automotive or industrial distributor. The spark arrestor vent and distributor caps are also different in marine applications. They are usually made of brass to prevent corrosion. In automotive applications the vent, caps and terminals are all made from aluminum. The brass terminals are actually much better conductors of electricity and stand up to the humid environment much better. Look for electrical components that are rated SAEJ1171; this international rating means the part is safe for marine applications.

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